Black Rock Group

About Us

The Black Rock Group (BRG) is a strategic communications and public affairs firm led by Michael Dubke, Carl Forti, Brian Jones and Christopher Maloney. We have a proven track record of creating effective public policy, political and strategic communications campaigns. Our team works collaboratively with clients to shape public debates through paid, earned and digital media strategies.

Black Rock – The Name

With Black Rock playing such an important role in the history of Buffalo, it only makes sense the two founding partners from Western New York would use the name. During the War of 1812, British forces burned the town of Black Rock and its neighboring city of Buffalo. Despite this setback, Black Rock was able to rebuild and achieve economic prosperity after the war and into the next decade. It wasn’t long, however, until Black Rock found itself in another battle – this time with its rival, Buffalo, for the rights to be the terminus of the Erie Canal. In 1822, the state legislature decided the Erie Canal would end in Buffalo.